About the artist

I recently returned to live in Hawaii after completing a Science Illustration graduate program at California State University at Monterey Bay.  I have loved drawing and painting as long as I can remember and have found inspiration exploring the many wonderful places I have lived and traveled. My fascination and reverence for wildlife, plants and all of nature has been a continuous theme in my life. Drawing, painting and sculpture is my way to best express this passionate interest. Patience as well as careful observation, research and meticulous detail are ingredients I incorporate into my work. Through this process my appreciation for the subject expands. I endeavor to gain an intimate knowledge of the subjects through first-hand contact whenever possible.

In my illustrations and paintings, I attempt to show a sense of the miraculousness of nature that I see all around me. I care deeply about the environment and hope that my artwork contributes in a small way to a greater awareness of the amazing  flora and fauna of the earth, helping to bridge a closer connection to nature. I wish to use my work for causes that encourage conservation and protection of nature and wildlife.


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